Dining Room Tables

Decorate With a Dining Room Table

Dining room tables set the scene for the entire dining room, so it’s essential to shop for a piece that brings together the decor while providing enough space for all the guests joining you for dinner. Add extra space with a counter-height table or keep an eye out for wide tables that can comfortably accommodate half a dozen people. The right table will increase your reputation as a welcoming host.

The Standard Table

With tables, you have a wealth of choices for size, shape, color, design, and material. A scrubbed, rustic wooden table evokes a farmhouse vibe. A sleek, round metal table topped with glass is so modern that it’s practically futuristic. From antique-inspired pedestal tables to large maple pieces, you won’t have any trouble finding a dining table that matches the decor in your dining room or kitchen area. Always consider the space you have, however—and don’t forget that you can cheat a little if you choose a drop-leaf table.

A Counter Point

Counter-height dining room tables don’t seem very different from standard tables. In addition to providing a little extra leg room, counter-height tables allow you to use even more of your space. Take advantage of its height and align the table with an expanse of your kitchen counter to create a roomier dining area. This trick also works with kitchen islands and butcher blocks. While there are round tables that meet counter-height, go with a square or rectangle if additional space is your aim.

Cozy Quarters

Enormous dining room tables aren’t practical or possible for everyone. You can create a lovely dining room even if you only have space for a table that seats two, three, or four in a pinch. Take a look at smaller four-person tables first, and if they’re still too big, turn your attention to bar-height tables and pub tables. Sleek metal pub tables are stylish but functional, particularly the adjustable-height ones. Pub-height tables are perfect for two place settings, allowing for chummy breakfasts, cozy lunches, and intimate suppers. Stick to a simple pedestal table or choose a funky bottle cap piece.

Whatever your aesthetic and space requirements, you’ll uncover what you need to design a divine dining area. Check out Mattress King of Las Vegas’ selection of dining room tables and create your room around the table.

Dining Room Tables, the Center of Attention

Gather friends, family and guests around an elegant dining room table for that special occasion! We’ve got plenty of different options for the centerpiece to the dining room, ranging from the basic and functional to the outright fabulous. First things first—start by choosing a shape. A square or rectangle table would be the classic choice, offering the maximum amount of room as well as the possibility for having the ability to expand. On the other hand, a round one would be perfect for smaller spaces—perfect for a more intimate setup.

The choices don’t stop with shape—they’ve only just started. Think about color, style and textures as well! The traditional four-legged table has been a classic for good reason—it’s stable, roomy, and possesses an understated elegance. For something different, look at pedestal dining room tables—nothing really beats them for uniqueness. Then, play around with different colors ranging from deep black to clean white—whichever works best with the choice of tablecloths and dinnerware to be used.

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